Terms and Conditions

When you start using the services provided by jpgtopdf.live, it totally means that you’re completely agreeing to follow our Terms and conditions. These terms can change from time to time, so it’s your responsibility to check this page now and then to keep yourself updated. Failing to do so may result in you being unaware of the latest terms.

Keep reading the following terms carefully before using this website:

File Ownership and Privacy:

When using our services, you are required to upload your files to process conversions. It is immensely important to note that these files remain solely your property, and we have no intentions of retaining or saving them. Your image files are confidential, and no unauthorized access or copying is permitted. All uploaded or converted files are temporarily stored on our servers, once the files conversion is finished, both the uploaded and converted files are automatically deleted. For more, read our privacy policy page.

Copyright Policy:

You never use our website, services or intellectual property for any kind of violation & infringement. Users are only responsible to make file conversions with the given tools, and URLs that are provided at the website (JPGtoPDF.live). You don’t need to worry about the files security because this does not permit anyone to access them.


The website (JPGtoPDF.Live) comes with the full right to restrict or terminate users access at any time without providing any prior notice. So, make sure to access or use our website without violating any terms and conditions.

No Unlawful or Prohibited Use:

When you use our website and services, you are giving your full consent that you will not use it for any illegal activities and will abide by the terms and conditions.

Law and Jurisdiction:

Remember that all the terms and conditions by JPGtoPDF.Live are provided by following the law of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

  • Parties should agree to have a full and clear understanding of the rules that are applicable in a specific region/nation
  • Users agree that our services follow our state's laws and agree to our state court's jurisdiction.
  • In case of any disputes, parties agree to fix issues through negotiation; if unsuccessful, they may contact the competent court.


Given that terms may undergo modifications at any time, it is essential to regularly review them to stay informed about the latest terms and conditions of this website.


Everything provided on the jpgtopdf.live website is offered without warranties. While we try really hard to give you the most accurate results, we can't promise it's always right because the tool’s working may change from time to time. When you use our website, you're basically giving your full consent that the information available here isn't about medical, legal, or financial matters. So, Users must not depend on these types of information.