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Information We Collect

One major concern for anyone using a digital conversion platform is the safety of their files and data. That's why your data's protection is the top priority for, developed by Eclixtech. We are committed to fulfill all the responsibilities mentioned in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is the stickiest data security law worldwide. So, read this page carefully in which we have outlined all necessary terms of our policy.

Modifications to Privacy Policy:

We have the complete rights for making any changes in our privacy policy if necessary. So, visit our privacy policy page regularly and keep yourself updated with the latest changes in the privacy policy of our

By using this website, means that you're fully in agreement with our privacy policy and all the terms we've mentioned.


When you access/use this website (, it means you totally agree with how we handle your information/files as explained in this privacy policy. Just so you know, our services are meant for all users, without any specific target community.

What We Collect From Users:

We want to make this clear at first that none of the files you upload or convert using this website are stored or looked at in any way. We don't read your files, gather data, or share your information with anyone. But, we do collect some info like how many files are converted, any errors that pop up, and file sizes all of these for statistical purposes. This works for us to make necessary changes for improved results in the future.

Also, If you contact us through an email address, we'll only use it for communication purposes like you have any questions or want any assistance. Your email will remain safe and protected with us.

How We Handle Your Files:

You don't have to worry about the protection of the files, whenever you upload your files for conversion, they are stored temporarily on the server. Once your files are converted into the desired formats, all of your files will be automatically and permanently deleted from our server. We at take advanced security measures to provide protection to your files from any third party access.


We use cookies to make the website's working experience better for everyone. They're small text files that websites stored on your device when you visit or reach different pages. These files contain the information of your browsing activity. However, if you don't want your cookie information to be stored on your device, you can simply disable it from your browser's setting, but remember this, that doing so may affect the working of the tool and you might not be able to use some service of the website.


We use GA4 (Google Analytics 4) on, This analytics source helps us better understand users behavior and make necessary improvements based on it. GA4 records information such as visited pages, session duration, referral sources, click locations, and somehow related parameters. But if you'd like to opt-out, it's a straightforward process. If you want to prevent GA4 from tracking this information just simply install a plugin on your browser and disable it.

Still, if you have any questions you want to ask or need any help, just reach out to us using our contact us page and we'll assist you as soon as we can.